Starts will be available to order April 1st

Sarah’s Starts offers ALL Organic and many Open Pollinated and Heirloom Varieties of potted plants, Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Peas, Flowers,  Strawberries, Beans, Herbs and more through Azure Standard, delivering to 23 states. It is our goal now and always to provide you with healthy organic starts, good for you and nutritious for you and your family!

Free Plant!

When you buy 12  or more

4” vegetable and/or herb

pots, 6-packs or flowers,

you receive a Lettuce

Start for free!

Free Plant: Lettuce Variety Pack! There is nothing like getting an early start on your greens. For extra cold areas just put a row cover over theses starts and you will have lettuce weeks earlier than the rest of the neighborhood. I have a variety of our favorite lettuces! Sample green and red leaf, red butter head and green romaine! Any feedback is welcome!


Featured Plant

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Copenhagen Cabbage

OP) 63-100 days.  This

crisp cabbage was

introduced in 1909 and

produce solid heads reaching

6-8 inches diameter and

weighing 3-4 pounds, they rarely burst and are ideal for small gardens!